Wireless Internet

Find the perfect package for your home and business

No Telkom line-rental nor waiting for ADSL installations. We install your WiFi equipment (antenna & router), do your wireless internet package setup and then you're online. Pay your package 12 months in advance and receive 1 month discounted. A optional monthly maintenance plan ensures your equipment is always operational. 

billionphotos 918641Monthly Packages

Basic internet connection starts at R35 per month. All our monthly wireless internet packages includes this fee, which will keep you connected at 128kbps even after your package data limits is reached.

All our monthly wireless internet packages can be Boost-IT, available for only R99, gives you an extra 10GB data until months end.
1Mbps 15GB R200 R180
1Mbps Uncapped R400 R350
2Mbps 20GB R400 R300
2Mbps Uncapped R600 R500
5Mbps 25GB R600 R450
5Mbps Uncapped R800 R650
10Mbps Uncapped R1150 R850

holiday wi fi packageHoliday Packages

These packages are here to accommodate those who are on holiday or just visiting.

What makes this different from our standard packages is that you’ll receive a fixed amount of data that is valid for 3 months. No monthly bills, if your data is finished before the 3 months is over, you can just buy another package and go on for the next 3 months.

1Mbps 10GB R200
2Mbps 10GB R300
4Mbps 10GB R400


Full installation charge is not subject to any contract or long-term agreement, though we do provide special payment options for client equipment upgrades. Rent to Own is subject to a 12 month agreement where transfer of ownership occurs thereafter.


Like most electronic devices, your equipment are affected by power-surges, the elements and electronic failures. Protect your equipment with our monthly Maintenance Plan. No call out fees, no hidden charges. 


ONCE OFF - R3000

Includes: Antenna, Wi-Fi Router - You own your equipment

Protect your equipment: R49 per month
Covers: installation, equipment, antenna, router and labour
Not covered: rust, theft, malicious damage, and vandalism