ASK Internet Technologies was formed as a sister company of ASK Security with the aim of expanding the service offerings to their clients.

ASK Security has been in operation in the Hangklip-Kleinmond area since 2001 offering security solutions to some 2500 clients, being the largest security company in the area. With the expansion of security products being able to be internet-connected, the acquisition of an Internet Service Provider was a strategic move.


ASK Internet Technologies has a direct aim of providing affordable internet to everyone because everyone deserves good quality internet access. We envisage to drive down prices of broadband to achieve this goal.

We are able to offer Wireless Internet in the Hangklip-Kleinmond area but understand that clients have needs for additional connectivity and as such we are able to offer national coverage for: ADSL | Mobile (3G) connectivity on the MTN networkVoice over IP (VOIP)

Additional services such as hosting solutions, website design, graphics design and CCTV which can be viewed remotely over your internet connectivity is also available. In short we are your one-stop provider for all internet related requirement.